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The Worst of the Rest

Being a forgiving and understanding soul, it's incredibly rare that I hate a book so much that I only rate it at 1 out of 5.  Below are details of the books which I gave less points than you'd find on a shaved hedgehog.  For the full slagging-off, check out the author's page.

'King Without An Empire' by Paul Collins - An ill-conceived collection of contradictory science fiction concepts which jumps around so randomly that your teeth will ache.
'Mindhunter: Aliens - Witchblade - The Darkness - Predator' by David Quinn - A badly written, nonsensical crossover that all the franchises involved could have done well without.
'Star Wars: Episode I Adventures - Search For The Lost Jedi' by Ryder Windham - This book was never intended to be a stand-alone work of fiction and, having read it, I can safely say that it isn't.
'Star Wars: Galaxies - The Ruins Of Dantooine' by Voronica Whitney-Robinson and Haden Blackman - Simply the worst Star Wars novel I've ever read.  It's nothing but a boring, shallow and predictable press-kit for the 'Galaxies' computer game.  A poster boy for the cynical exploitation of a loyal fan base.
'Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice - The Enemy Within' by Jude Watson - With a plot which is a jumble of several other books of the series, it's mind-numbing to read.  Possibly the worst conclusion to any series I've ever read, Jedi Apprentice dies with a pathetic whimper in this book.
'Star Wars: The Crystal Star' by Vonda McIntyre - A book that is not only completely out of place in the franchise, but which will also have you continually asking 'Who cares?' whenever something happens.
'Star Wars: Vader's Quest' by Darko Macan - The first ever confrontation between Luke and Vader.  Sounds cool doesn't it?  Don't be fooled.  This is a daft book which attempts to combine mature plot elements with cheery technicolour art and dodgy dialogue.
'Superman/Aliens: Godwar' by Chuck Dixon - Whereas the previous Superman and Aliens crossover had major faults, this is all one big fault.  A strong contender for the worst graphic novel I've ever read.
'Taint Of Evil' by Neil McIntosh - The sad repetition of all of Warhammer's most boring cliches make this book more predictable than the answer to 'Will Batman and Robin die?' asked at the end of every episode of a certain classic 60s TV show.
'The Dead And The Damned' by Jonathan Green - The prime example of all that can be bad about Warhammer novels, it's simplistic, trashy, shallow, cliched and designed solely to excite sad teenage boys with it's unnecessary gore, swearing and sexual content.
'The Eyes Of The Dragon' by Stephen King - King attempts to write a dark fairy tale, but ends up simply writing a steaming pile of cliched crap.
'The Matewix' by Charlie Hamilton James - The only book I know which considers replacing every other word from a famous film with the word 'cock' to be satire.

"Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back."

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