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Reviewing Literature
The Books of David Hine

David Hine writes comic books.
Average Review Score: 4 out of 5

Decimation: Son Of M
(Graphic Novel with art by Roy Allan Martinez)
The third book of the Decimation series focuses on Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver.  In 'House Of M' by Brian Michael Bendis Quicksilver convinced his sister to dramatically alter reality.  However, when she changed the world back she robbed 99% of the world's mutants of their power; Pietro among them.  This book charts his depression, his obsession with recovering his lost power and his loss of morality.  After an attempt at suicide, Quicksilver finds a new purpose when the possibility of using the gene-altering mists of terrigen to restore his power arises.  However, the mist are held sacred and inviolate by the powerful Inhumans, Pietro's wife Crystal among them.  This is a book based around the idea of 'the road to Hell is paved with good intentions'.  Perhaps it's best moment is when Pietro and his father, Magneto, fight and we see that the mantle of arch-villain has been passed to a new generation.  I also love Lockjaw, the giant teleporting dog.
4 out of 5
Decimation: X-Men - The 198
(Graphic Novel with art by Jim Muniz, Kevin Conrad, Jonathan Glapion and Don Hillsman III)
The fifth and final book of the Decimation story arc.  The 198 are the precious few powered mutants who have sought refuge at the Xavier Institute.  However, the mutants there are about to discover that Government-supplied security always has the same price: the loss of civil liberties.  The X-Men are reluctantly supporting the O*N*E (Office of National Emergency), but many of the 198 have less heroic pasts.  This is perhaps the most poignant element of the book; the fact that our heroes roll over in the name of stability whilst the former villains are the ones who take a stand in the name of freedom.  It is into this mix that Mr. M walks, a mutant with almost unlimited power who is dedicated to ensuring the freedom and well-being of the 198. This is a great book which delves deeply into real-world problems by using the plight of the 198 as a metaphor.  An added bonus is the 198 Files, a guide to many of the mutants who survived M-Day.
4 out of 5
Civil War: X-Men
(Graphic Novel with art by Yanick Paquette, Aaron Lopresti, Serge Lapointe and Jay Leisten)
A tie-in to the Civil War event storyline.  Here the 198 are broken out of their enforced confinement by Domino and Shatterstar, fleeing to a secret bunker in the desert.  The X-Men are then torn apart as Bishop decides to lead the O*N*E in hunting down the escapees, whilst Cyclops, Iceman, Beast and Archangel decide to become fugitives in order to protect the 198.  This book ties up some major plot points from 'Decimation: X-Men - The 198' and acts as a great sequel to that book.  The Civil War connection is fairly peripheral here, but the principle of superheroes siding with each other or with the government is the same.  It was also nice to finally see the X-Men standing up for what's right rather than caving to the O*N*E's oppression.
4 out of 5

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