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Reviewing Literature
The Books of John Wagner

John Wagner writes comics and is best known for his work on 2000AD.  With Carlos Ezquerra, Wagner created one of the most famous and enduring comic book characters of our time; the implacable lawman Judge Dredd.
Average Review Score: 4 out of 5 (1 book)

Star Wars: Boba Fett - Enemy Of The Empire
(Graphic Novel with art by Ian Gibson, John Nadeau, Jim Amash and Carlos Ezquerra)
I'd say it was an act of genius on the part of Dark Horse to hire the man who created Judge Dredd to write a story of the equally implacable and inflexible Boba Fett and here we get the story of Fett's first meeting with Darth Vader.  Vader hires Fett to track down the traitorous Colonel Abal Karda, but Vader's plans also include Fett's death.  Although quite a tense premise, there's plenty of comic relief, particularly in the very 2000ADish Ancient Order of Pessimists.  The story's construction is quite clever and we are left to piece the clues together that Fett gleans on his travels, until finally, like in a good murder mystery, the full truth is revealed.  That would seem a good place to end, but Wagner ups the ante much further when Vader and Fett got toe to toe in personal combat, each being tested by their opponent's skill and abilities.  If there's one event worth buying a book specifically to see, surely it's the clash between two of the best and most popular villains of our generation!  The resolution of their conflict is believable too, with neither feeling malice towards the other and a healthy degree of respect having grown that will lead to their future partnerships.  Also included here is the ultra-rare 'Boba Fett -Salvage' comic.  Here Wagner is paired with his old partner Carlos Ezquerra to tell a short story about Fett biting off more than he can chew when he tries to salvage a large freighter.  Once again Wagner brings a welcome bit of humour to the story in the form of Tsumo who utters such amusing lines as "You hear that? 'Unknown Causes'! Biggest killer there is, 'unknown causes'!"
4 out of 5

If you liked Wagner:
Then be sure to pick up an issue ('Prog') or two of 2000AD.

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