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Reviewing Literature
The Books of Roger MacBride Allen

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1957, Roger MacBride Allen graduated from Boston University in 1979.  He has written more than a dozen science fiction novels.
Average Review Score: 4.7 out of 5 (3 books)

Star Wars: Ambush At Corellia
The first book of the Corellian Crisis.  With this book we finally get to discover what things are like on Han's homeworld as he, Leia and their kids head there for a trade summit.  Soon the planet erupts in chaos as a fascist uprising spreads across the system.  One of the best things about this book is the way it deals with bigotry, showing that most of the time bigots are unclear as to exactly who and what it is they are speaking out against, they mere transfer their anxieties onto those unlike themselves.  There's also a subtle plot behind the uprisings that adds tension and a dark undertone to an already menacing story.  There's a bit of light relief as Lando goes in search of a rich wife, taking Luke and the Droids along to add credence to his proposals.  I enjoyed the part where Leia and Mara Jade become allies, even though Leia still doesn't trust the former Imperial 100%.  The most interesting new character is Han's cousin Thracken Sal-Solo, who shows what Han could have become if he'd continued in his career with the Empire.
4 out of 5
'"All right, Chewie, try it now."'
Star Wars: Assault At Selonia
The second book of the Corellian Crisis.  The Solo family, separated and trapped within the Corellian system are all struggling to overthrow the plot that threatens them all.  Meanwhile, Luke and Lando travel to Bakura to seek the aid of their navy.  This story is far more exciting and interesting than the previous one, as events rapidly snowball towards the event of the title.  We also get to see more of the Corellian system too, Selonia, Drall and the mysterious artifact Centerpoint Station.  I did have one major issue with this story, that being the implausibility of having to call in the Bakuran navy.  It just seemed an excuse to reintroduce the Bakurans to the saga, which I wouldn't usually object to, but it's just so far fetched that the vast New Republic can't spare three ships.
5 out of 5
'Hands tied behind his back, Han Solo stumbled as the guards shoved him into the gloomy audience chamber.'
Star Wars: Showdown At Centerpoint
The third book of the Corellian Crisis.  An excellent end to the series as all the various plot threads and characters are levelled out and brought together.  The big battle was very well written and the deaths of several main characters was well handled.  I will say, however, that the Solo children's antics really begin to wear on you after a while, particularly Anakin.  Luckily the Solo junior adventures are leavened slightly by Q9-X2 a Droid with an entertainingly acerbic wit.
5 out of 5
"Honored Solo, we are running out of time!" the voice squawked from the comm unit.

If you liked Allen:
Then you might be interested in the Agents Of Chaos duology by James Luceno, which continues the story of characters such as Thracken Sal-Solo, Major Showolter and Belindi Kalenda.  For more on the Bakurans, read the classic 'The Truce At Bakura' by Kathy Tyers.

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